Infrastructure of DEKOIL OÜ terminal

The terminal infrastructure accommodates 23 shore tanks for storage of oil products with a total storage capacity of 109 000 m³, of which 19 shore tanks are heated (97 500 m³) and 4 are not heated (11 500 m³).

The boiler house has 6 boilers working on thermal oil, with a total capacity of 19,2 MW, an automatic station for generating technological air, equipment for purifying technological water by segregating it from oil substances.

TTerminal has 4 rail tank car discharge racks, which allow the simultaneous discharge of 76 rail tank cars, of which 19 with light products, discharged without being heated, and 57 with products that require heating for discharge.

The 2 berths allow to handle tankers with the following parameters:

Berth 0
maximum draught 11 m
maximum length 185 m
maximum DWT 40 000 mts

Berth 1
maximum draught 8.3 m
maximum length 160 m
maximum DWT 15 000 mts

The loading capacity of the terminal is up to 2100 m³ per hour for light products and up to 1500 m³ per hour for dark products.

DEKOIL OÜ has its own railway infrastructure, modern ChME-3 locomotives and a locomotive depot. The staff of the company includes high-skilled locomotive crews and locomotive and track maintenance and repair specialists.