DEKOIL OÜ is located on the Kopli peninsula in Tallinn. The company started its activities in 1992 and has now a long-term experience in transhipment of light oil products and high viscosity dark products, which are transported from the east to Western Europe and America and in the opposite direction.

We render our numerous customers a full complex of services, including the following: transporting, transhipment, forwarding and storage of oil products, and also preparation and loading of bunker fuel.

Dekoil OÜ terminal has modern technological equipment and highly qualified staff, many of the employees working with the company since it's establishment.

The computer-controlled management system of operating procedures ensures efficient quality control and total safety of operations.

The use of thermal oil for heating up the oil products in rail tank cars and shore tanks eliminates the risk of water penetration into the product in the process of transhipment.

The terminal is capable of handling simultaneously up to 7 different kinds of liquid cargoes, including high-viscosity fuel oil, vacuum gasoil, high pour point oil products, different types of gasoil.